Discussion with the Resurrected Elven Queen

Elven Queen (EQ): The Council of the Dead was quite surprised to see me, as well as to see who I’ve been traveling with. It seems-

After a short discussion, in which Koon is brought back to us, she continues.
EQ: The Council of the Dead wishes to impart some knowledge on you, and invites you to meet them in Chthon, their city on the surface.

She states that she didn’t see anyone, and does not know who killed her. She implores us to go to Chthon, and meet the Council of the Dead.

As we board the ship, I notice that Crewmate 11 is no longer with us. What a farce of a trial we’ve just sat through. Their accusations were ridiculous. The ship starts to drift away, and the elf queen yells after us “No one knows where Chthon is, only that it’s on the surface. Its location has been lost to the annals of time.”


Parawrit NinjaMiner

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