Journey to Chthon, Day 1

So far, our journey has been quite uneventful. I-

Oh no.

Full battle fleet, flagship and all. I mark several troop transports, and all manner of fighting vessels. The Inquisition is coming, straight for Yggdrasil.

War is coming to Styria. Again. Maybe this time, I’ll be fighting on the right side.

Our boat is far too small to have any effect on this battle. I quickly Send a warning to the Elven King, before checking my supplies over. The elves provided me with several items to help on our journey, however random they may seem. I have a Potion of Greater Healing, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and a Ring of Swimming. I put on the ring. Why not? The surface has much more water than up here in the air, and judging by the state of the skies, it seems like we’ll be spending a long time down there. Plus, with my current form, it’ll help.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to escape the Inquisition.

Cyran Marrus

Discussion with the Resurrected Elven Queen

Elven Queen (EQ): The Council of the Dead was quite surprised to see me, as well as to see who I’ve been traveling with. It seems-

After a short discussion, in which Koon is brought back to us, she continues.
EQ: The Council of the Dead wishes to impart some knowledge on you, and invites you to meet them in Chthon, their city on the surface.

She states that she didn’t see anyone, and does not know who killed her. She implores us to go to Chthon, and meet the Council of the Dead.

As we board the ship, I notice that Crewmate 11 is no longer with us. What a farce of a trial we’ve just sat through. Their accusations were ridiculous. The ship starts to drift away, and the elf queen yells after us “No one knows where Chthon is, only that it’s on the surface. Its location has been lost to the annals of time.”

Elven Tribunal Notes
Cyran Marrus' Journal

Koon’s Testimony:

Elf King (EK): Did you kill my wife?
Koon (K): No I did not kill your wife. No, I don’t know who did kill your wife. You should pick a new way of testing us.
EK: I don’t like you. NEXT.

Aelar’s Testimony:

EK: Did you kill my wife?
Aelar (A): No.
EK: Do you know who killed my wife?
A: I believe that it was Crewmate 11. I believe he was at least in league with whoever killed her.

Echo’s Testimony:

EK: Did you kill my wife?
Echo (E): No.
EK: Do you know who killed my wife?
E: No.

Cyran’s Testimony:

EK: Did you kill my wife?
Cyran ©: No.
EK: Do you know who killed my wife?
C: No, but I would really recommend that the elven court use their magics to investigate the ship in a more thorough capacity than we had access to.
EK: Your concerns are noted.

Other Crew Members’ Testimony:

Generally similar, variants of “No.”

Crewmate 11’s Testimony:

EK: Did you kill my wife?
Crewmate 11 (C11): No, why does everyone think I killed your wife?
EK: Do you know who killed my wife?
C11: No, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say that asshole over there (points at Cockswilot). Actually, I do know who killed your wife. I believe HE killed your wife (points again).

Later Testimony (Present: Echo, Aelar, Cyran, Koon, Crewmate 11, Echo’s Mother, Foxtrot):

The people present above were brought forward once again.
EK: You were all able to lie. Thus, we will be interviewing you again.
EK: Did you kill my wife?
E: No.
A: No.
C: No.
K: Just because I think this was a bad test, I will say, yes, I did kill your wife.

After this, C11 and K are taken to the dungeons.
We returned to the courtroom, where the elven king begins to speak:
EK: Now, join me in welcoming back my wife.
A palanquin is brought into the room, with the elven queen’s body lying on it. Three priests form a triangle around the queen and begin to chant. Strangely, a similar light and sound as that on the ship appears, and the elven queen’s body jumps. All decay is gone, and she sits up in front of us. These events bother me. After all this show, we were unable to determine the true identity of the criminal. Koon’s disdain for the proceedings casts doubt on the outcome. Ignoring that, the queen has just been revived in front of us. What was the purpose of this charade? Something isn’t right here.

Cyran Marrus

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