So far, our journey has been quite uneventful. I-

Oh no.

Full battle fleet, flagship and all. I mark several troop transports, and all manner of fighting vessels. The Inquisition is coming, straight for Yggdrasil.

War is coming to Styria. Again. Maybe this time, I’ll be fighting on the right side.

Our boat is far too small to have any effect on this battle. I quickly Send a warning to the Elven King, before checking my supplies over. The elves provided me with several items to help on our journey, however random they may seem. I have a Potion of Greater Healing, a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, and a Ring of Swimming. I put on the ring. Why not? The surface has much more water than up here in the air, and judging by the state of the skies, it seems like we’ll be spending a long time down there. Plus, with my current form, it’ll help.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to escape the Inquisition.

Cyran Marrus


Parawrit NinjaMiner

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